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sampled from Yelp!

It's always a pleasure to work with people who knows their craft very well. From the beginning, Angela demonstrated her deep knowledge of the field and made the process near painless.

She was quite flexible and easy to work with. I loved that she sent me all the necessary documents through Dropbox and DocuSign, since the back going back and forth with paper files consumes a lot of time. I was easily able to sign off or review forms at work and not have to scramble around.

Angela excelled at breaking down the complexities of home buying. I'm a first time buyer so I really appreciated the time she took to sit down with me and explain some concepts I was unfamiliar with it.

Overall I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a real estate agent or broker.

- Kendrick W.

After couple of years of house hunting, i found angela through a friend and i must say the experience was very delightful and pleasant. She helped me identify the right home for me and was very patient with my dilemmas and confusions as first time buyer. Bought my first home in august 2015 and the post purchase questions and help had also been so good. Thanks Angela for being a great real estate agent.

- Anu H

After may frustrating years of managing my own rental property, I was fortunate to find Angela. If you're looking for someone with great rental knowledge, keen attention to detail, someone who understands your needs, and is always professional, you will not find anyone better than Angela. She is simply wonderful!

- Maria W.

Angela was the second real estate agent we came across after our move from Canada few months ago. As newcomers to California , we did not anticipate that the real estate world of California specifically Bay Area would be so different . Our need thus was getting some know how and for the agent to spend time with us. Angela fulfilled this need, not only for buying our new home but also with renting a house on a short term lease. She took us on a tour of neighborhoods with the charm and foliage. She is extremely perceptive, quick to find solutions , and always responsive. She pointed out defects in properties we would visit including a cost estimate , so she is not in it for a quick sale. She helped in deciding on a home that provided convenience, value and investment potential that would fit our new lifestyle (new born). I would definitely recommend her services.

- Binish R.

Angela truly is incredible. You will not be disappointed if you bring her on to help with your real estate needs. And truly, she will be an extraordinary real estate agent for you.

Summary (in case people don't want to read the whole review):
Strengths:- Professional, Courteous, Knowledgeable, Honest, Interested in your Needs, Great person to drive results
Weaknesses:- None that I'm aware of.
Conclusion:- She has set my bar on what I expect real estate agents to deliver.

To give people an idea of my experience with real estate agents, I've gone through two agents in the past and purchased with one of them. For my current house, I interviewed 4 real estate agents before landing on Angela. Every other agent I interviewed had something missing, i.e.: proactive but too aggressive, relaxed but won't get anything done, highly recommended but poor communication skills and lastly too busy. During my interview with Angela, she made it a point to ask me what I didn't like about the other agents and explained to me her style. She was incredibly professional, courteous, proactive and she knew just when to urge me to get something done. She understands that many of us are working long hours and sometimes can't get to something right away, but will make sure you know the deadlines so you can get it done. Absolutely professional!

To explain how good she is at handling situations, I thought I knew the market well enough to jump right into looking for houses. During the first few houses we visited, Angela sensed right away how unknowledgeable I was about houses but did not bring it up to my attention. Rather than saying it outright, Angela explained certain things about the house and made me feel like we were working together. Angela gave me the chance to learn about something I didn't know and realize how unready I was so I could prepare myself to be ready without making it feel like I didn't know anything! That's truly amazing personal skills!

This same style of personality was applied to everything else she touched, from organizing your tours, to working with the loan agent she recommended, to handling "trouble" agents, to working behind the scenes on any documents and finally (and most importantly) her true and HONEST feedback on homes and prices. I really can't stress this enough. Angela suggested that I offer lower than the listed price of a home. She did this in a market where other homes in the same area were being bid $150K over the asking. Other agents I've had made me feel like they're making a commission; Angela really makes me feel like we're on the same team.

Truly, if you're looking for someone really knowledgeable, professional, honest and interested in hearing what your needs are, Angela is your agent. She has set the bar in terms of what I expect from real estate agents.

- Munchoon S.

My wife and I are new to property leasing and consider ourselves fortunate to have met Angela. She is personable and professional. We did not feel rushed by her and she is communicative. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone with property management needs.

- Spruce J.

Angela is a fantastic real estate broker, she helped us find a home quick in a tough market. This was our first time purchasing in the state of CA and she walked us through everything in a detailed and very professional manner. She really is helpful in every way and is the best realtor experience we have had so far. We highly recommend her outstanding services.

- Jani N.

While buying our first home, we couldn't have expected any better service !!

There were a lot of moments during our first home purchase when we were AMAZED by the kind of service Angela provides. She not only guided us on each step of the purchase, but helped us work with our new home HOA even after the purchase completion.

She thoroughly knows what she's doing and is extremely professional. She's very honest and would provide a sincere advise always and never rushes things.

Above all, she's very organized and punctual -- not sure how she managed to be there before us always :). It was easy to work with her as she uses technology a lot (DocuSign, iMessage, DropBox ...).

I did not know her before she was referred to me by my lender, now after working with her -- I can confidently recommend her to anyone.

- Sunil M.

Angela is a fantastic real estate agent and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell in the Bay Area.

Her best quality is that she understands people, not just her clients, but also other agents and buyers/sellers you are negotiating with. She knows that you must go above and beyond what every other real estate agent does to be successful and that is exactly what she does. She is knowledgeable, creative and extremely personable.

She recently helped us sell our old house and buy our new one. Both deals were done within 1 month of each other and we were very pleased with the work, process, and results. She turned a complicated situation into a series of smooth and successful real estate transactions. Her great instinct and hard work need to be credited.

For example, when we bought our home, she knew the market and popularity of the home based on how the open houses went. When we were trying to figure out how much to offer so that we weren't over-paying, but wanted to be in the running, she nailed the right offer amount. Any less and we wouldn't have gotten the house and any more and we would have overpaid. Putting together an offer (not just $, but also terms) is a skill that requires you to really know the buyer and seller to create the most attractive package, and she is great at it.

She also is well connected with high quality and affordable vendors to help get your house ready for sale.

Angela also saved us money by taking professional quality photographs of our house (herself) and created the best-looking real estate flyer i have ever seen.

All in all, Angela is superior in every way when it comes to a real estate agent that you can trust and that will get the job done for you.

- Philip O.

Angela is an awesome agent, completely knowledgable, personable, hard working, dedicated and delivers results. Angela was referred to me by a friend and I am extremely grateful to her in helping me successfully purchase my first home!

Angela helped me start looking for a property in July 2009. I was a first time home buyer so I was obviously not very knowledgable and had lots of questions. Throughout the whole process, Angela was extremely patient and helpful, answering all the questions I had.

I closed on my first home in April 2010 and am extremely happy with it! The long time frame between looking and closing, was no fault of Angela's. I was purchasing a foreclosed home (which already speaks great things of Angela that she took me on as a client because a lot of agents steer clear of foreclosures due to complications that can arise) which made me a particularly difficult case, but Angela handled the whole thing as professionally as one could.

She was pushing the banks (usually the ones holding up foreclosures) and checked in with me regularly, she really makes you feel like she is on your side, working with you to get you the best deal you possibly can, and making your dollar go further.

Angela was very responsive. Whenever i called her, she would pick up, and if she couldn't she usually calls back straight away. She was hard working - no matter how many different homes i wanted to see, she would make sure i got to see them all.

To make things even more difficult, my loan situation was complicated because i am in the US on a Visa, but since Angela is not only knowledgable in real estate, but also in loans management, she gave me invaluable advice in this area too.

She is a complete all rounder, dedicated, friendly, smart and hard working real estate agent, who i would highly recommend to anyone looking to buy a place in the bay area.

- Michael A.

Angela is great when it comes to dealing with your needs and wants with purchasing a new house. I always refer Angela with those close to me because I trust that she will take care of them. All of them have said that she's been wonderful and a joy to work with. The reason why I choose her over other real estate agents I know is because she's patient, professional, and knowledgeable. I have personally experienced a walk through with her and found it to be thorough, where she is eager to answer any questions/concerns you may have. She has a wide array of resources that she can point you to for things outside of real estate itself, such as contractors, tax consultants, mortgage lenders, etc.

- Phuc L.

My wife and I have been a real estate client of Angela's for several years now for several simple reasons:

1) Service
2) Experience
3) Professionalism
She's met our real estate needs in every way by providing responsive service and constant updates with regard to the transaction at hand. I've dealt with many real estate agents in the past from all over the Bay Area and the level of service Angela provides is unmatched.

Her expert guidance with each and every step has provided me the confidence and peace of mind that we are making the right decision. I rely heavily on the sound strategies she recommends throughout the transaction.

Lastly, Angela is a true professional as she always comes through with her stated commitments. Her demeanor is always on the professional yet friendly level. She is truly a pleasure to work with.

I highly recommend her for your real estate needs as she'll surely "win" you over as well!

Robert Gee-Kee